#DearMary, you teach me to make time with God my greatest priority.


The story of Mary and Martha is quite an interesting one. Jesus was in town and Martha invited Him over to her house. I can imagine how Martha would have felt that day, having God in the flesh in her home. All her culinary skills would have come alive immediately and thoughts of how to ensure Jesus had a good time would have filled her head. So naturally, she busied herself doing what she thought was vital and was angry with her sister, Mary, who did not lend a hand.

Jesus’ words to her were poignant and insightful. ‘Martha, you worry too much. Only one thing is needed and Mary has chosen it and no one can take it from her.’

Read the story in Luke 10:38-42

How often do we neglect our quiet time with God for busy work at church? Do we keep running around even when the Holy Spirit asks that we be still and just listen? Imagine that you were in Martha’s shoes, would you have sat with Jesus to listen to Him? Or would you have done exactly what Martha did, cook meals the master cares little about?

What’s you one-on-one time with the Lord like? What will you do differently today?

He wants to have a relationship with you. A real one.


Devotional by Bukola Abidoye

Bukola is a lover of God and all things bright and beautiful. She considers herself an extraordinary child of an extraordinary God. She loves to inspire women to aspire ‎to be all God wants them to be. She blogs at bukolaokunola.wordpress.com



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