#DearJephthah, you teach me to keep my promises.


I know very well how easy it is to make a vow and how difficult it can get to settle it.

Jephthah was a warrior in his day. He was faced with a battle and he knew he could not win all by himself so he turned to God and made a vow.

Read Judges 11 for Jephthah’s story.

Jephthah basically promised to give to the Lord whatever the first thing was that came out of his house to meet him if he was victorious in battle and got back home in peace. What an unusual vow you might say. It sounds simple enough, however, until you hear what ‘whatever’ turned out to be.

Sure enough, he came home victorious but guess who came out dancing when daddy returned home? His daughter! His only child! Jephthah was heartbroken when he saw her but he knew he had made a vow. He simply said

‘…I have given my word to the Lord and I cannot go back on it.’

Have you ever been in such a position? You promised to tithe over and above your regular 10 percent if God answered your prayer and you won the contract. Well, it went better than you planned and now it seems like too much money to give.

Vows get hard to keep but it pays to be like Jephthah.

What vows or promises have you made to God or even your friends and loved ones? Be a promise keeper. Do what you say you will. Ask God for strength and grace and He’ll be true to His word.

God bless!


Devotional by Bukola Abidoye

Bukola is a lover of God and all things bright and beautiful. She considers herself an extraordinary child of an extraordinary God. She loves to inspire women to aspire ‎to be all God wants them to be. She blogs at bukolaokunola.wordpress.com



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