#DearP31Woman, His grace is sufficient…



Have you ever read Proverbs 31 and thought “What is she? Superwoman?” I’m guilty too.

When we read about the Proverbs 31 woman and compare her life and the things she accomplishes to our own struggles and fumblings, we just might get discouraged. After all, we try to do it all and sometimes we don’t get it right and some things fall through the cracks.

For me, 2 Corinthians 12:9 makes all my fears go away. I think of my weaknesses and shortcomings and I see what God meant when He said His strength is made perfect in my weakness. When I lean on Him, I receive grace for every difficult task. Being a daughter, wife, friend and more is not a function of how perfect or put together I am. It is such a relief to know that He can deal with my mess. I’m not disqualified just because I get it wrong sometimes.

I no longer see Proverbs 31 as the standard I can never attain. I see it as a daily challenge to do better than my best. To serve the ones I have been blessed with; to work with diligence and lead with love; to receive the grace to be all I have been created to be.

I am virtuous, wise and diligent in all my affairs, and it’s all because of Him!

Have you been harried and hurried, unable to hit the moving targets in your life? Rest. God’s got you covered. His grace is sufficient for you!


Remi Roy



4 thoughts on “#DearP31Woman, His grace is sufficient…

  1. To be a P31 woman in our present time is only possible by Divine grace but there is so much joy in knowing God has given given us that grace if only we are willing to try. Dear Lord, please encourage every step I make in being a Virtuous Woman


  2. Very guilty… but beyond all doubt, I am now rest assured that His strength is indeed made perfect in my weaknesses. short but rich…


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