#DearMathew, you were called just as we are…



The call is always simple. Jesus called his disciples in such an unceremonious way. He simply said ‘Follow me’.

I believe it is just as simple today. However, it gets hard when we’re struggling to stay still long enough to know when we are being called and what we are being called to. It is hard because we want to know without a shadow of doubt that we heard what we thought we heard. So what happens when we are convinced that we have been called to something? What happens when we know deep in our hearts that God has an assignment for us?

I believe this is where the struggle begins. Will we obey? Will we leave everything else behind if we are required to?

Will we look for the approval of others to be sure we’re doing the right thing? Will we let the judgement and opinions of others slows us down, make us reconsider our commitment? Will we get weighed down by the accusing stares and comments of those who judge us as unfit and unqualified to be called?

Mathew must have experienced these situations. As a ‘tax collector’ in his day, he was the epitome of a ‘sinner’ who deserved no mercy. A ‘traitor’ who oppressed his own people to please their dictators. He was not ‘qualified.’

Yet Jesus stopped by his booth and said the simple words, ‘Follow me.’ – Matthew 9:9

Mathew did that thing that we must learn to do. He followed. The accusations did not end and the harsh comments and judgement did not cease; yet he followed.

I pray for grace to do the same today and everyday. To simply follow the lord.

Join me?

Remi Roy


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